Life and Your Dreams – eBook
+ AUTORI , eBook , Vasile Hategan / 26/03/2014

DESCRIERE:      “Vasile Hategan has written what amounts to a compilation of every personal development, self help book on the market today. Life and Your Dreams has answers to virtually every problem that exists. Visualization, imagination, self sabotage, relationships, health, healing, self esteem and confidence, it’s all there and more, much more. As the author of eight personal development books myself I bow to a master. I highly recommend if you are truly interested in the joy of living that you read it, and then like myself, reread it. Your life will change—your life will get better, and you will evolve into a person with an attitude that attracts only the good things in life.” Burt Goldman CUMPĂRĂ cartea in format Kindle (ebook) de aici.